Ben Affleck Has Revealed The Horror Of Hearing ‘Aflac’ Shouted At Him By Drunken Plane Passengers

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As Ben Affleck continues to promote his role in the George Clooney-directed The Tender Bar, the actor has been getting candid about the pitfalls of fame, and now, he wants something in return. Namely, a discount on Aflac insurance. While sitting down for a Wired “Autocomplete Interview,” the outgoing Batman shared his frustration over the insurance company’s name being way too similar to his own and being repeatedly “shrieked” by Gilbert Gottfried.

“Now imagine that insurance company has a bottomless budget to buy television commercials,” Affleck said. “And now imagine that their creative choice is to hire a duck to shriek your last name in as loud and obnoxious a way as humanly possible for the duration of a television commercial.”

According to Affleck, the squawking duck commercials truly became the bane of his existence during a long flight to New York. Via The Wrap:

“And then imagine what it’s like when you’re on an airplane, and the hammered lady behind you recognizes you, and thinks she’s gonna do her best Gilbert Gottfried for six hours, all the way to New York,” Affleck continued, referencing the comedian with a distinctively abrasive voice. “Thank you, Aflac! I don’t own it! But I deserve it. I would like a discount.”

As for how the subject came up, one of the top Google searches for Affleck is whether or not he owns the insurance company, which he responded to with a sigh before launching into his tale of drunken wine ladies yelling his name at thirty thousand feet, and not in a good way.

(Via Wired, The Wrap)

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