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The increase means all of these companies will charge the maximum £1,138 per year for their standard variable tariffs from April 1. This is due to the limit of Ofgem’s new price cap.

Switching to save money is something one family are familiar with, having saved more than £1,100 per year.

Andrew Wells-Gaston, 36, helped his family switch energy providers, saving £1,116 between them – as well as cutting their carbon footprint by 33 tonnes.

He took action after discovering his mother, grandmother and mother-in-law were on expensive and polluting standard variable tariffs.

Andrew, a debt recovery specialist, saved himself £240 per year when he switched from Scottish Power to Pure Planet in 2017.

Andrew, from Chippenham, Wilts, had already been helping his mother-in-law Jill Carless, 81, to read her electricity meter every month, as it was too high for her to read without a ladder.

Having noticed her bills were high, Andrew suggested she switched to Pure Planet – giving her a referral code which gave them both a £25 Amazon voucher.

As well as the voucher, Jill, from Malmesbury, was able to shave £276 per year off her energy bills.

Andrew also spoke to other family members about their bills, finding they too were paying too much.

His grandmother, Joan Jary, 84, from London, switched to the same supplier, saving £360 per year by moving off the standard variable tariff with a Big Six company.

“When I switched I had been on a fixed tariff but that had come to an end and my energy bills had just gone up so I was happy to switch,” Jill said.

“I needed Andrew’s help to switch but once it was done I have been really happy with it ever since.

“I can do the main things like check my readings on the website.”

Kim Wells-Gaston, 63, also managed to save several hundred pounds when Andrew, her son, suggested she switch energy provider.

Kim, from London, saved £240 per year, and said: “Before we switched our energy bills had been quite high for a long time but because it’s a busy house and we always have the tumble drier going it’s not something we really gave much thought to.

“We were with a big supplier because we always had been.

“We liked the idea of switching to green energy and doing our part but thought it would be more expensive.

“The fact we would save money definitely swung it and we have noticed the difference in our direct debits.

“Andrew and I also got an Amazon voucher each when we switched which I put towards a DAB radio for my lounge.

“I also know he is only at the end of the phone if I do run into any problems too.”

With all of the Big Six putting up standard tariffs by £96 from tomorrow, Andrew is urging others to help older relatives to get online and switch.

“Switching to a cheaper deal might seem easy to you but a lot of older people find it very daunting either because they don’t know how or they would rather stick with a supplier they know,” he said.

“It really is surprisingly easy and a quick conversation over a cup of tea or coffee could save them hundreds of pounds.

“Another positive is getting an Amazon voucher each time I switch, I have earned a total of £200 which I’ve used to replace lighting with smart bulbs using Amazon echos and a camera to keep an eye on the dog.”

Following the research, Steven Day, Co-Founder of Pure Planet, said: “Once again 10 million households face a hefty price rise.

“The cap is back above pre-pandemic levels.

“As Pure Planet’s research shows, the over 55s are likely to be hit the hardest as they are the least likely to switch.

“That’s why we’re launching our #NoExcuses campaign to urge different generations to work together to help each other save money and live more sustainably.

“Consumers can save hundreds of pounds and up to four tonnes of CO2 in just a few minutes by switching to cheap renewable energy with Pure Planet.

“Even the regulator, Ofgem, is encouraging people to switch and save around £150 more than the price cap.

“Relying on the cap to save you from high prices is not enough. Switch now.”

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