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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) issued a warning recently, regarding an SEISS scam tactic. The alert was shared on social media, in an effort to reduce the risk of people falling victim to new scam attempts.

Among the guidance, Britons are urged to use a short checklist to decide if the form of contact they have received could be a scam.

This applies whether it’s a phone call, email or text message.

GOV.UK says: “It could be a scam if it:

  • Is unexpected
  • Offers a refund, tax rebate or grant
  • Asks for personal information like bank details
  • Is threatening
  • Tells you to transfer money.”

Of course, the SEISS grant is legitimate, however, it’s important to be aware fraudsters could purport to be from the Government to carry out scams under the pretence of SEISS.

There is also a list of genuine HMRC contact and campaigns published on the Government website.

This can be accessed by members of the public, to help them decide if the one they have received is genuine.

This includes one relating to SEISS eligibility.

“To find the reasons why your application was not successful, return to your claim for SEISS.

“The email will not ask for any personal information or include links and it will ask you to go to GOV.UK.”

HMRC states if a person receives any communication through WhatsApp which claims to be from the Department, it’s a scam.

“Take a screenshot and forward it as an email,” HMRC adds, referring to the email address for HMRC’s phishing team –

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