The Royal Mint launch a savings product allowing parents to invest in gold – full details | Personal Finance | Finance


It should be remembered that past performance may not be indicative of, or guarantee, future results.

However, for those looking to put money into gold, the Royal Mint highlighted all of the gold invested into will be VAT free and backed by physical, investment grade bullion bars which are safely stored in their purpose-built vault – “one of the most secure sites in Britain.”

The Royal Mint detailed the account is an easy way for new gold investors to build a nest egg for children by accumulating a digital precious metals holding and Katrina concluded on this: “Backed by physical, investment grade gold bars, we’ve designed a digital gold savings account where you can accumulate gold for the next generation.

“Investors can watch their loved ones grow knowing they’re building a golden nest egg to help give them the best possible start in life.”

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