Kate Middleton beats Meghan Markle for engagement rings despite ‘similarities’


The study valued her jewel at £390,000, more than double the price of Meghan’s, which was valued at £134,500.

The Duchess of Cambridge was given the sapphire and diamond engagement ring which once belonged to Princess Diana.

It had an oval cut and a 12-carat oval blue sapphire.

Meghan sports a diamond jewel which was designed by her husband Prince Harry.


The five-carat cushion cut ring includes diamonds which have special significance to the Sussexes.

While both their engagement rings look different, experts in the study explained they have some similarities.

They said: “Looking at the Royal Family and their stunning engagement rings it is hard to make comparisons in such elegance.

“But looking purely at their characteristics there are some interesting similarities.”

“Meghan’s engagement ring boasts a trilogy of stones, a stunning central diamond ethically sourced from Botswana, where the couple previously vacationed together.

“The beautiful stone is surrounded by two smaller diamonds, from Princess Diana’s collection, tying her into her younger son’s engagement too.”

Kate’s ring from Princess Diana was designed by the luxury jewellery designer Garrad.

It was reportedly purchased for £28,000 but has soared in value over the years.

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