Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall news: Royal’s body language shows she is husbands ‘rock’


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been a working royal for 16 years and will regularly appear beside her husband for royal engagements. She is patron to more than 100 organisations, meaning she is kept very busy in her role. What is her body language like when she is in public with Charles?

Although Camilla should be Queen Consort when Charles succeeds his mother, it was previously announced the couple had decided against the title.

Camilla will still continue her royal duties along with Charles who will be King but will be known as Princess Consort.

Before the couple married, a statement from Clarence House read: “It is intended that Mrs. Parker Bowles should use the title HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales accedes to The Throne.”

Body language expert Judi James told there is a sense of “unconditional love” between the married couple.

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She said: “It has become clear over the past few weeks exactly how much vital support Camilla quietly provides for her husband. 

“Her body language suggests a woman who is reluctant to step into the spotlight as a royal in her own right and who understands the risk involved in eclipsing her sometimes difficult husband, but she also appears finely tuned to his moods and his needs and perfectly placed to be the perfect complementary fit in terms of their relationship.

“With his father’s illness and death, the public saw a different side to Charles, who looked openly devastated on both his last hospital visit and at the funeral.”

Prince Philip’s funeral saw 30 guests attend St George’s Chapel on April 18.

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Analysing Charles’s body language from the day, Judi explained that Camilla patted her husband on the leg.

She said: “As he sat weeping in the pews, Camilla appeared to offer a reassuring pat on his leg, apparently aware that he was tackling not just grief but also the sight of the son he had lost to the US. 

“As a wife and future Queen, Camilla appears to place Charles first and her own profile much lower down a long list.”

Although Camilla’s journey into the Royal Family wasn’t the easiest, the expert explained that the royal is now her husband’s rock.

Her role seems to be as his rock and the way that she tends to mirror him visually but also allow him to take the lead on visits and trips shows a desire to promote his success rather than look for any fame or attention of her own,” said Judi. 

She added: “This sense of unconditional love and attention seems to boost the confidence of a man who is known for his anxiety rituals and who can often appear overly reflective and melancholy. 

“His dress style has become more dapper and his body language in front of the cameras shows Camilla encourages his inner performer.”

Kate and William celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary yesterday and to mark the occasion, the couple shared beautiful new portraits taken in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Analysing the pictures, Judi told “William and Kate’s body language together provides echoes of their signals of love that we saw at their wedding.

“It is almost as though time, royal crises and the birth of three adorable children have had no effect on their bonds as a couple.”

The expert added that the couple’s relationship has “matured” and “intensified” over the last decade. 

She said: “The signals of continuity and even a love that has matured and intensified over the last decade are important here in terms of the happiness of the couple and their approach to their future roles as King and Queen.

“There are also echoes of the kind of shared fun we see from the couple when they are on royal visits together.”

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