Citric acid toilet cleaner: The three-ingredient solution for a squeaky clean loo


Citric acid cleaning solutions have become more popular in recent years as households attempt to use more natural products in their homes. Citric acid effectively kills bacteria, mould and mildew – all issues which can be particularly ferocious problems in bathrooms.

Cleaning your toilet is often considered by many as one of the worst household chores.

Many typical toilet cleaners include a list of many toxic chemicals.

However, some households are trying to alleviate toxic chemicals from their homes and instead of trying to use natural ingredients.

Most of the chemicals included in household cleaning products end up in the water system, which can cause serious damage to marine life.

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To make this cleaning solution, add your baking soda to a large bowl with the citric acid.

Add the washing up liquid and mix it all together well until it has fully combined.

Press the mixture into your ice cube tray, making sure to remove any excess.

Allow these to set for at least four hours or overnight.

Finish by putting these tablets into an airtight container.

When you want to clean your toilet, simply toss one of these cleaning tablets into your toilet bowl and wait for the product to fizz, meaning it is doing its work.

You can also use citric acid alone to remove stains from your toilet bowl.

Most products tend to lighten the colour of stains in the bowl, but citric acid can effectively remove this.

To use this method, pour a bucket of hot water down your toilet and then another one once the first lot has drained.

Next, add a 250g packet of citric acid into the toilet bowl and then leave it in the toilet for an hour or overnight.

You may or may not hear a fizzing noise in the toilet bowl, but there is no need to worry if this is the case.

Use a stiff toilet brush and scrub the bowl to remove any loosened limescale and repeat this process if required.

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