Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2021

Clean washing machine – top tips for getting rid of bacteria

Washing machines have become increasingly important during the Covid pandemic. Many people will need to ensure they wash clothes worn outside at the right temperature and cycle to eradicate the virus. But they will also want to make sure they keep the machine itself clean.

How to get rid of washing machine bacteria

Washing machines treated improperly will stop producing clean and fresh smelling clothes.

The primary cause of this is moisture left to build up inside, which produces bacteria.

People will encounter bacteria more often with energy-efficient washing machine units.

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According to Hilary Metcalf, an infection preventionist at Mission Hospital in Orange County, California, choosing the right washing cycle can also reduce germ exposure.

She told Healthline: “It might seem counterintuitive, but washing your washing machine once a month can significantly reduce you and your family’s exposure to germs and infections.

Dr Metcalf added: “Normal home laundering will adequately remove normal levels of soil.

“However, if contaminated with blood or bodily fluids, the laundering process should be enhanced with disinfecting solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or Borax, and in water that’s at least 160F (71C).”

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