Is shampoo bad for your hair? Expert reveals why you should NEVER use shampoo


Those who dye their hair should be extra cautious about using shampoos because dye and shampoo don’t work together well.

Rob said: “We encourage everyone we know to avoid shampoo because it strips colour from the hair, so a fresh colour will quickly fade.

“This can result in particularly straw-like, frazzled-looking hair, especially if you’ve had your hair bleached during the colouring process.”

If you’re booked in for a dye job or have recently had a colour transformation, avoiding shampoo will massively extend the life of your new look.

Not convinced that ditching shampoo is helpful? Rob advises against washing your hair for at least 72 hours after a colour.

He explained: “Each hair strand contains tiny pores that open and close, called hair cuticles. These open during the dyeing process to absorb the new colour and take time to close.

“If you wash your hair (especially with detergent-based shampoo) within 72 hours of having it coloured, the dye can wash out of the cuticles before they’ve had a chance to close. This quickly fades your hair colour.”

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