Kate Middleton and Prince William news: He watches Kate Middleton with ‘suppressed smile’


It was part of their work for Mental Health Awareness Week. They plated table tennis, football and attempted archery, before turning their hand to some gardening.

She commented on the “sheer joy they still have in one another’s company.”

However, the pair still focus on their duties when meeting with members of the public.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk: “Looking more businesslike than usual here, William and Kate still managed to prove their enthusiasm for getting ‘stuck in’ on visits as well as using their body language to show the sheer joy they still have in one another’s company.”

Both keen on the sports, both tried to hide their fierce competitive streaks, Judi claimed.

She said: “Both Kate and William are normally fiercely competitive when they’re asked to share in anything sporting but as they played a game of table tennis Kate’s hand gestures showed she was suppressing any desire to beat her husband on the other end of the table and focusing instead on letting the young people they were teamed with do well.

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“Kate’s hold of the bat suggested she’s no slouch when it comes to playing ping-pong but her left hand was in a relaxed position rather than tensed competitively.

“In contrast, it was clear William was giving it his all as he attempted to impress with his ‘keepie-uppie’ football skills.

“Bouncing the ball from his foot to his knee his intense stare, his jutted jaw and the tension in the fingers of his raised hands showed he was keen to show off his talent, but sadly the ball got the better of him.”

The public were treated to an insight into the pairs’ romantic dynamic.

To launch the channel they released a stunning video, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary with their children. 

Judi James analysed the video. She said: “This very sweet and also very smart video will create a lump in the throat of royals fans and might even make the cynics a little bit teary too.

“It’s smart because it shows us such a generous glimpse of family life chez Cambridges but without invading their own privacy or presenting the kind of stilted, awkward look of previous royal films shot over the years.”

The family manages to look so natural, the expert claimed, despite being filmed.

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