Meghan Markle news: Prince Harry’s wife Duchess of Sussex used royal wave to ‘to bond’


A former-actress, the soon-to-be royal had attended her fair share of red carpet events, getting friendly with the press. However, these new events were on a larger scale than the TV actress, who lived in Canada, had experienced.

Judi suggested Meghan’s look helped the public to like her.

She said: “Her hand was held low and her facial expression included raised brows and a rather pursed-lip smile as though she was requesting to be liked rather than demanding.”

In fact, the expert compared Meghan’s first appearances to the late Princess of Wales.

“Her wave technique, with the eye-check to camera, was very similar to the kind of greeting Princess Diana used to do with the press and public, as though sharing thoughts and recognition in a very powerful type of tie-sign.”

The bracelet is said to be from Cartier and have a carat weight of 3ct to 5ct.

Two diamonds from her engagement ring are said to have been taken from the bracelet.

Judi also recently analysed pictures of Prince Charles and Princess Diana signalling their relationship was “past the point of no return.”

She told “Perhaps the most painful royal ‘ignore’ came during the last months of Diana and Charles’s marriage.”

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