Queen Elizabeth II body language: Monarch allows herself to ‘let rip’ in recent appearance


Queen Elizabeth II, 94, opened up about her own coronavirus vaccine experience as well as urging the nation to take it up when they get the offer. She also revealed that her experience was positive after she received the jab back in January. 

“The Queen’s eye-gaze is intense as she listens to the people speaking on screen, but there is also a steady increase in her blink-rate that can often signal building anger or strong feelings as she listens.”

Derek Grieve, head of the Scottish Government’s Vaccinations Division, who was on the call with the monarch explained how residents from the Isle of Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, and the Coast Guard, local authority and volunteers had managed to set up a vaccinate centre in one of the communities halls within a matter of days.

He said: “So my lasting reflection ma’am would be if I could bottle this community spirit and use it, not just for the vaccination programme but for other things, I think the job would be done.”

The Queen replied and said: “Wouldn’t it be nice.

“Her brows rise again and she uses a small head-shake to add emphasis to her point about the jab being ‘quite harmless’ and although she offers verbal reassurance by telling people it ‘didn’t hurt at all’ and throws out some empathy with the ‘It is obviously difficult for people…’ she is clearly building to a strong  ‘but’,” the expert said.

While there may be a sense of empathy, the body language expert shared how she also shows signs of authority.

Judi continued: “What follows is so firm and worded in a style called ‘critical parent’, using the word ‘ought’ to imply authority, and when the Queen says ‘…they ought to think about other people’ her head rocks from side to side to show she means every word of the opinion she has just uttered. 

“There is a sense of power and determination from her here and her body language suggests this sentiment is one that comes from the heart. 

“Her expression of anger is mainly reserved for the ‘plague’ itself, which she adds is a ‘battle that everyone is fighting’.”

For the occasion, the Queen wore a beautiful brooch with a sweet like to Prince Philip, who is currently spending time in hospital after being admitted as a precautionary measure.

She wore her Diamond Clematis Brooch, which is shaped like a clematis flower, has six petals and is encrusted with diamonds.

One of the earliest outings for the brooch came on a very important day in 1947, when the engagement of Princess Elizabeth and Philip was officially announced. 

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