Quiet desk fans under £15 to keep you cool during the mini-heatwave


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Left at the mercy of a heatwave without the reprieve of the office air conditioning can make you forget why you were so excited to work from home in the first place. Not to mention, not all of us have hundreds of pounds to drop on an air conditioning system to keep us cool. This is where the humble fan comes in. Although a mini fan won’t cool down an entire room, having one on your desk to circulate the air and keep a breeze nearby will make all the difference. Some fans can be obnoxiously loud which would not suffice for a zoom-heavy workday, so we’ve rounded up five whisper-quiet desk fans under £15 to keep you cool during the mini-heatwave.

Man's face gets a breeze from a desk fan

5 desk fans to keep you cool all summer long (Image: GETTY)


RATEL USB Table Fan (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 3,293 ratings

This compact desk fan is USB operated, meaning you can just plug it straight into your laptop or desktop and enjoy the breezy benefits.

The copper brushless steel and low noise motor designs negate any excess noise so you won’t have to shout over your fan during work calls.

Promising review:

“I didn’t expect much from this small, inexpensive fan but I’m seriously impressed by the power of it. I live in a top floor flat and it gets so hot and stuffy in the summer. Especially with my PC turned on. I didn’t have enough room for a standing or desk fan near my desk, so I bought this. It’s on its lowest setting currently and has been for a few hours. The entire corner of this large room is now much cooler as a result. I expected a weak waft of air but it really packs a punch”.

RRP: £11.99

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Lidasen Mini Handheld Portable Fan

Lidasen Mini Handheld Portable Fan (Image: Amazon)

4.6 stars from 160 ratings

This handheld portable fan can come with you everywhere this summer, or can just perch at your desk to keep you cool during the workday.

The rechargeable battery can last up to ten hours at a time to get you through office hours, and it charges fully within just three hours.

Promising review:

“Brilliant little fan. Very small, but powerful and the battery seems to last a long time. We had it set up while we watched a movie on a hot summer evening and with the fan on the lowest setting we were slightly chilly by the end! It’s perfect for having on the desk during work as well”.

RRP: £6.99

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Lidasen Mini Handheld Fan

Lidasen Mini Handheld Fan (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 529 ratings

Small yet powerful, this fan can keep you cool all day.

The noise of the fan gets as low as 40 decibels with its advanced motor and air duct design, so not only will you be able to work with it nearby, you can pop it into your bedside table while you sleep.

Promising review:

“Wonderful fans, which once charged, lasted me a whole night in the recent heatwave. They are fairly quiet and have 3 speeds. They also come with a small holder so you can sit them on a table”.

RRP: £7.99

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ibohr Small Personal USB Fan

ibohr Small Personal USB Fan (Image: Amazon)

4.6 stars from 562 ratings

Plug this personal fan into your laptop or desktop and enjoy a gentle wind all day long.

The strong airflow and quiet motor keep you cool without being distractingly noisy.

Promising review:

“Brilliant!! I’ve had this fan for a couple of days and used it for the first time at work yesterday and it has been wonderful. Its two power speeds and tilt are a godsend. I had it on speed 1 and that did the trick massively, didn’t need speed 2, but nice to know it’s there just in case. Wish I had found this fan a long time ago. Bought to replace another desk fan and you can’t compare them. The old one was noisy and you could barely feel any air from it, possibly down to the single fan blades. I would recommend this 100%. The size is perfect”.

RRP: £11.99

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Ram 08-355-273 150mm 6-inch 15w Clip-on Fan

Ram 08-355-273 150mm 6-inch 15w Clip-on Fan (Image: Amazon)

4.2 stars from 510 ratings

Clip this compact and quiet fan onto your desk, a shelf, or any other sturdy surface and enjoy the reprieve of a breeze.

The fan comes with two settings so you can up the ante on warmer days, or slow it down when you only need a gentle output.

Promising review:

“Great little fan. I especially like the clip-on feature as I can take it around the house with me and clip it onto a shelf. It has been a Godsend in this heat. it is not overly powerful but is medium-sized and perfect for use at a desk or on a shelf whilst watching tv or in the kitchen”.

RRP: £13.39

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