Ramadan Moon sighting: Has the Moon been sighted to mark start of Ramadan 2021?


Ramadan is the next significant religious occasion of 2021, observed by billions of people around the world. The Muslim period of introspection asks all able participants to refrain from food, drink and other vices. They start and end their month-long abstinence after observing a full moon.

Has the Ramadan full moon been sighted?

Muslims observe Ramadan for a length of time set by the Islamic calendar.

Their system runs counter to the western Gregorian calendar in that it organises days and months by the moon rather than the sun.

Ramadan begins when Muslims observe the ninth new moon on their calendar.

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During the day, Muslims will also encourage acts of charity and reading the Quran.

They allow the observer to achieve greater consciousness of God, known as “taqwa”.

Muslims also celebrate Ramadan as the month in which the Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of the Quran.

Ramadan culminates with Eid al-Fitr, which celebrates breaking the fast.

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