What is the best British film of the century? POLL | Films | Entertainment


Another war epic, 1917, also appeared in the Top 10 movies as voted for in the study.

This film similarly focuses on the way in which the British might can survive in the face of war, with two young soldiers (played by George Mackay and Dean Charles Chapman) forced to make a horrific journey across the frontline to deliver an urgent message.

The Theory of Everything came in sixth, featuring the story of English intellectual giant Stephen Hawking, who battled motor neurone disease for most of his life.

Finally, the tenth film in the study is This is England, which takes a very specific look at the subcultures of England during the 1980s.

The study also focused on actors and actresses who have continued to shine a light on the UK, with Tom Hardy, Daniel Craig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Colman, Kate Winslet and Emily Blunt among the names.

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