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Andrea Bocelli’s two sons and daughter are very much following in their father’s musical footsteps. And now his three children have featured in a touching new family photograph together that was shared by Matteo Bocelli. The 23-year-old singer wrote: “We took this photo in Africa two years ago during our Dad’s tour, but it seems centuries have passed…”

Matteo Bocelli continued: “It’s amazing how this year has made me re-evaluate my priorities in life and appreciate the simple things.

“PS: I wish my other little sister was in this photo too.”

The eldest of Andrea Bocelli’s children Amos Bocelli is an accomplished pianist who accompanied his father in a live rendition of Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender back in 2013.

While in 2018 he played the piano on the acoustic versions of Sono Qui and Ali di Libertà for Andrea’s album Sì.

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Younger brother Matteo, who shares a mother in Andrea’s first wife Enrica Cenzatti with Amos, is an up-and-coming professional singer.

The 23-year-old began regularly performing live with his father in 2018, most notably with their single Fall On Me.

The touching track even features in the Disney movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

While last year, Matteo made his solo debut with a cover of Sir Elton John’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Last Christmas, aged just eight, Virginia made her professional singing debut in a stunning duet with her father.

Andrea and his daughter sang a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah for his live-streamed concert Believe in Christmas last December.

While less than two weeks ago, the pair performed the song again for a special performance in the ancient desert city of Hegra in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

Matteo also featured, singing Fall On Me with Andrea in a concert that saw the Italian tenor perform with two of his children in the same show for the first time ever.

Catching up with last year, we asked Andrea if a family album was in the works.

The 62-year-old replied: “It’s not a consideration at the moment. But.. never say never.”

Well, that certainly wasn’t a no and his three children are very much talented enough to join him for such a record.

Andrea Bocelli’s new album Believe is out now.

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