Brian May on initial lack of confidence in We Will Rock You ‘Some weren’t convinced’ WATCH | Music | Entertainment


Brian added: “The greatest compliment is when people think nobody wrote it, they just think it has always been there.

“So We Will Rock You has become like, I don’t know, something which is traditional and goes back to the Stone Age,  And that makes me happy.

“And it brings joy, it brings people together and that’s probably the best thing of all because We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions were conceived in that way, in the sense to try and bring people together.”

The 73-year-old said that whenever he hears the track being sung at a football match or a sports fixture anywhere in the world, he thinks: “Yeah, it kinda worked. It brings people together, it makes people feel like they have some kind of power by coming together. That’s a good feeling for humanity, I think, togetherness is a great thing.”

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