Brian May up for working with Wellerman star Nathan Evans: ‘I really like what he’s done’ | Music | Entertainment


Interestingly, Brian has had indirect interactions with Nathan, having performed the Wellerman sea shanty on his Instagram account, praising Nathan and saying the track was “too good to miss.”

The Queen legend said in the video: “There’s this guy called Nathan Evans who does these fantastic sea shanty things and I got myself a little basic simple drum box, not quite right but it’ll do. So with your permission…”

After playing the song on his electric guitar, Brian added: “See the nice thing is it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes as long as you keep up. That’s really important when learning to play with your mates. You can’t kind of stop and say, ‘Ooo I’d better do that again’, you’ve got to keep going.

“You learn to play through your mistakes as I do and pretend that you meant to do that. God bless you all and take care. And especially God bless Nathan Evans!”

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