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The European Super League will shake up football for the foreseeable future, with potential ramifications for the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and even the World Cup. Fans of the Big Six clubs have been left feeling disappointed and angry at the planned Super League, with a  Footy Accumulators poll of more than 12,000 football fans showing 92 percent of supporters are against the new proposals. Now many have posted on social media that they will not be renewing their season ticket unless the clubs change their minds.

A spokesperson from Footy Accumulators, said: “Football fans are shocked and dismayed at the big six’s intention to form part of the new European Super League, and this was echoed in our Footy Accumulators Twitter poll which states 92 percent of fans are against the new proposal.

“We decided that the fans need to be heard, so we projected the results of the survey close to the stadiums of both Manchester clubs and Liverpool for these sides to sit up and take notice, in the hope that they listen to what supporters have to say.”

One Twitter user – a Manchester United fan – wrote: “Hey @ManUtd this picture includes 3 generations of my family with 125 years combined experience of coming to Old Trafford as season ticket holders. You go ahead with your support of the ESL and we are gone forever #ashamedofmyclub #UTFR.”

One said: “Just cancelled my season ticket after 25yrs, it’s not the Manchester United I was brought up to support. Feel genuinely sick and angry like many fans of all the clubs involved. Sad sad day for football.”

Another added: “Season ticket on it’s way back to Anfield if they proceed.”

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Actor and Spurs fan Stephen Mangan wrote: “This Super League arseholery makes me want to tear up my season ticket. But we’ve sacked Jose so not all bad news. Confusing times.”

Videos posted on social media show some fans going so far as to cut up their season tickets in outrage over the proposals. But what do you think? Would you renew your season ticket? Vote in our poll above and leave your thoughts in the comments.

The new Super League was confirmed on Sunday night (April 18), resulting in a huge backlash from fans, pundits and former players.

The tournament will rival the UEFA Champions League, but will include just 20 teams each season.

Fifteen of those teams will be so-called Founding Clubs, and they’ll automatically qualify for the competition each year – regardless of where they finish in their domestic leagues.

The remaining five places will be invitation-only, and they’ll receive a huge minority of the sponsorship and TV revenue.

Alliance Football Club’s Mehran Rowshan told “There are so many legal issues surrounding the Super League.

“I don’t think the Super League will go ahead until clubs are able to reach an agreement with UEFA.

“Season ticket holders are usually guaranteed 19 home matches, but fewer teams in the Super League mean fewer matches.

“Fans have to decide to renew their season tickets before more details are released by the clubs. Reimbursing the season tickets will put a substantial financial burden on the clubs, especially when they hope to get access to stadium ticket money. Reimbursing will not be as easy as it seems.

That opens the door to games being played in other countries, including the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Six Premier League teams have already signed up to the Super League, as well as six other European teams.

It’s expected that three other clubs agree to become Founding Clubs over the next few weeks, said Super League organisers.

The 12 current Founding Clubs include:

  • AC Milan
  • Arsenal
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Chelsea
  • Barcelona
  • Inter Milan
  • Juventus
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Real Madrid
  • Tottenham

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