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Max Verstappen has once again reiterated that the Red Bull car is fully in line with FIA regulations, and accused rival teams of trying to ‘slow down’ the championship leaders.

A handful of teams, including Red Bull, have come under fire in recent weeks about their so-called ‘bendy wing’, with the FIA introducing new tests to clamp down on illegal wing movement.

Lewis Hamilton raised concerns after winning the Spanish Grand Prix, claiming Red Bull seemed to be exploiting a more flexible wing which could help provide more speed on the straights, and maximum downforce towards corners.

However, there was more outrage from teams after the FIA concluded ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix that the tests would not come into effect until the French GP in two weeks, meaning this weekend the wings can be used.

The four-week delay was met with much resistance, with Mercedes chief Toto Wolff fearing it could end in a messy legal situation if protests are lodged in Baku.

Lewis Hamilton responds to ‘heat of the moment’ team criticism

Ferrari, Alpine, and Alfa Romeo are other teams who have admitted they will have to make modifications to their cars to pass the new FIA rear wing tests.

Mercedes picked up just seven points after Hamilton finished seventh, with teammate Valtteri Bottas retiring mid-race.

Speaking ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Verstappen felt Mercedes will bounce back after their poor performance last time out.

He said: “It’s very nice after Monaco, winning the race and obviously leading the championship. But we want to be leading the championship after the final race, that’s the most important.

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