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The current state of football is not just a Manchester United problem – the problems are shared throughout the football pyramid.

But not evenly.

Across the city, the blue half of Manchester have been largely forgiving of their owners for the mis-step of getting involved in the ESL. But they, though, are Good Owners. The Glazers are Bad Owners. It took a while but Roman Abramovich is also a Good Owner. Arsenal are so desperate they just want Different Owners.

One thing all owners have in common, though, is that they bought their clubs for the going rate at the time.

The estimated value of the 20 Premier League clubs alone is £15 bn. For the game to adopt a “50 per cent plus one” approach, half that has to be found to reimburse the owners for their shares even if there was a will to do it.

Good Owners, like Good Players and Good Managers, come and go through history. Manchester United was born when four businessmen saved Newton Heath from a winding up order. Six years later, they won their first title. Nobody was wearing yellow and green scarves that day, I’ll bet.

How well a club is run all feeds into the sporting difference on the field and is as part of the game as a good youth system or a historical pedigree that makes you the biggest team in the world whether you are winning league titles or not.

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