How To Earn Free Bitcoins Every Hour – 100% Legit

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Hello, I almost ran out of ideas about the topic I want to be written in this post. After struggling for more than 6 hours about thinking about the topic. And finally, I got the topic I want to be written in this post, I know this is simple but you can read it.

This time I want to share about the most reputable and legit bitcoin faucet. That is, I bet you already know about this site. Because, When I was a newbie and started my journey in the bitcoin world. First, I use this site to earn my first satoshi and want to know how Bitcoin works.

Ok, let’s start exploring this site.
Go to the official websiteand register your account if you haven’t registered yet.

This is your account’s dashboard, in this menu, we will use Free BTC features. Just solve the captcha and your number is an automated roll, and you’ll get a prize depending on your Number. You can see the prize in the table below. You can claim your Free BTC again every 60 mins (1 hour).
For every time you claim the free BTC, you’ll earn 2 reward points.

Ok, we move into MULTIPLY BTC. This game, it the same as the Dice game. Where you just click Hi/Lo and insert your bet amount. If the number is matched with your prediction you’ll get your bet’s return and the interest of reward. And in this for every 6500 satoshis, you wager, you will get 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward point.

Ok, now we can move to Lottery Section. Remember in this above post, for every 6500 satoshis you wager you will get 1 lottery ticket. And you can use it here. For the prize pot for now :
1. 1.6 BTC
2. 0.8 BTC
3. 0.4 BTCand so on.

If you want to try your luck , you can buy the tickets as much as you want . You must pay 13 satoshi for every ticket you want to buy . More tickets you have , more chances you will get to win.
The winner will be decided every Monday , so keep an eye about the progress.

We can move to the REWARDS section. Remember for every FREE BTC you play you will receive 2 reward points, and for every 6500 satoshi, you wager you will receive 1 point.
You can exchange your points into Bitcoin , just type your Points and click Encash (For every point , you will receive 13 satoshi) *Minimum 100000 Reward Points

You can exchange your points for this prize. There are Electronics (iPhone 6), Hardware Wallets (Trezor, Ledger Nano), and many more. Also, you will have the option to get the cash equivalent of the item in bitcoins. Wow, let’s collect the points.

In order to withdraw your balances, at least you have 33400 satoshis in your balances (previously 6000 satoshis) before you make a withdrawal. And the process will take 6-24 hours depends on the queue.

Please use my link to register now – and get fantastic bonuses.

Start earning today for FREE!!!

Thanks for reading my article . Hope my article was helpful for you. Bye 🙂

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