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Sir John Redwood has been vocal on Twitter about his desire to see the final set of lockdown restrictions lifted this month, saying ministers need to “just get on with it”. He has pointed to the low number of Covid infections and deaths being declared each day and argued it is time for Britons to return to normal, despite the presence of the Indian variant in communities.

On Wednesday he claimed the BBC had asked him to appear on their flagship Newsnight programme to discuss the ongoing pandemic.

But hours after agreeing to the interview he claimed the Beeb cut him from the panel of guests when he divulged his views on coronavirus and the lockdown.

The Conservative lawmaker took to social media to explain what had happened to his followers.

Sir John wrote: “Yesterday the BBC asked me to appear on Newsnight about COVID-19.

“I agreed a time and the link. Later they wanted to know in more detail what I would say.

“Then they failed to send the link as the way of cancelling. Clearly I had the wrong views for their storyline. Yet again.”

His tweet was retweeted 3,900 times and “liked” by 14,200 users. 

While some of his followers joined him in criticising the public service broadcaster, others made light of the matter.

One person responded: “The job of the BBC is to report all of the facts not just the ones which back up their agenda.

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The man tweeted: “Your fish-based views in Covid not particularly useful.”

The Tory MP has urged the Government to push ahead with their plan to end all Covid restrictions in England later this month.

Boris Johnson is coming under pressure to push back the June 21 date after several scientists issued warnings about the rising number of cases of the Indian variant.

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet members have said they are ruling nothing out.

They will reach a decision on whether to push ahead with the roadmap plan on June 14.

Sir John has urged the Government to ignore the scientists’ warnings and go full steam ahead.

He pointed to the latest figures from around the globe which show “50 countries with more CV19 cases per million than UK”.

He added: “The vaccines are working. Also show only 16 countries with more deaths per million”.

And on Tuesday he said: “Just get on with relaxing the lockdown. Vaccines have brought the serious cases and deaths right down which is what matters.”

Three-quarters of adults in the UK are estimated to have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, latest figures show.

A total of 39,585,665 first doses have now been delivered since the vaccination rollout began almost six months ago.

This is the equivalent of 75.2 percent of all people aged 18 and over.

The BBC refused to comment on Mr Redwood’s accusation that the broadcaster had cancelled him due to his view on coronavirus. understands that a scientist who appeared on Newsnight instead of the MP had similar views on Covid.

Government adviser Professor Robert Dingwall told the host that the “social, economic and psychological damage” caused by the lockdown would be “aggravated if June 21 proved not to be the date on which the majority of the restrictions are lifted”.

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