Brexit news: Boris rubs EU’s nose in it with subtle dig at Brussels in his G7 summit menu | Politics | News

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Tonight Mr Johnson will get the chance to return the favour, serving up the fish after Britain took back control of its waters.

Much attention is often paid to the dinners dished up as international meetings and summits, with leaders often using the menus to woo leaders or make sly jibes.

In the Brexit trade deal agreed last year, British fisheries are to be granted a larger share of quotas for catch in UK waters.

Over the next five years share of stock British vessels can catch will increase by 25 percent.

After that point, new negotiations with Brussels will take place with the UK free to remove all access to waters for EU fisheries if it so chooses.

Fishing has continued to be a point of friction between London and the continent since the end of the transition period.

EU vessels must now apply for licences in order to fish in UK waters.

France has furiously accused the Government of being deliberately slow to issue the permits, causing havoc for local fishermen.

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