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Following Brexit, expats have claimed authorities in some states such as Italy, France and Spain are not adhering to the conditions agreed under the withdrawal agreement. With some barred from returning to their second homes or threatened with deportation, readers reacted with fury over the treatment of UK nationals abroad. One insisted the UK should’ve pushed for a no deal Brexit due to the issues some expats have suffered abroad.

One person said: “Seems this Brexit deal is very one-sided.

“Would we not have been better with no deal.”

A second said: “Another breach of the withdrawal agreement.

“If they can break the agreement then we must be allowed to too.”

A third said: “Typical of the way the countries of the EU operate and why there should never have been a trade deal.

“The EU couldn’t lay straight in bed.”

Another person called for the Brexit agreement to be reworked as a result of the treatment towards expats.

A fourth person said: “The solution is easy. Reverse Brexit.”

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“People have been stopped by police who demand to see their permesso di soggiorno, which they don’t have.

“A British man in Puglia was told by an employer that his contract could not be renewed because the labour ministry’s computer would not accept his application without a document number.

“We are often treated like third-country migrants from outside the EU and are asked for the number of the permesso di soggiorno document residency permit which those immigrants have.

“The problem is that we did not need to have that document when the UK was in the EU and now we can’t get it because of the withdrawal agreement.”

Expats attempting to live in the EU post-January 1, 2022 must register in the state as their rights are not protected under the withdrawal agreement.

Expats in Spain have also experienced post-Brexit issues and have been forced to return to the UK amid fears of deportation.

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