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Amid escalating tensions with the EU, Britons have vowed not to tolerate “being bullied” by Brussels following the results of a poll which asked readers how likely they were to buy EU products. In a poll by Facts4EU, 95 percent vowed to opt against buying goods from countries within the 27-member bloc. In response, one reader said: “It’s really very simple.

“We Brits will not tolerate being bullied, threatened and obstructed by tinpot dictators.

“Since then they have merely vindicated our reasons for doing so by keeping it all going.

“I wish we had told them to stuff it and left with no deal under WTO terms in a clean break, I still hope it may come to that given their continuing bone-headed intransigence.”

A second said: “I always leave second class EU junk on the shelf.

“Better to stick with first-class quality British goods.”

A third said: “We may have a trade deal with the EU but it doesn’t mean we will buy EU products.”

Another called on fellow Britons to buy British produce now the UK has left the EU.

They said: “Buying British makes sense, supports our country, creates jobs and the wealth stays here, great quality great price buy British.”

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Commenting on the poll, David Jones MP for Clwyd West and deputy chairman of the European Research Group told Britons had been alienated by the bloc.

He said: “The results of the survey clearly show that, while Britons bear no ill will towards EU citizens and individual member states (a majority still regard Europe as their preferred holiday destination), they have been alienated by the arrogance and attempted bullying of the European Commission during the Brexit negotiations and since.

“Most UK citizens would now prefer to buy British- or Commonwealth-produced goods or goods from third countries.

“That is undoubtedly a major loss to the EU, given the size and affluence of the British economy, but it is also a boost to domestic producers, who now clearly have the goodwill of millions of UK consumers.

“The shift away from buying EU goods will also be a major asset in our trade negotiations with other countries around the world.

“They have been virtually obliged to buy from EU manufacturers and denied global choice because of high EU tariff barriers.

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