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Facts4EU’s experts reached their conclusion after poring over figures from the Our World In Data website, which has compared vaccination rates across the globe. These reveal 34 million people in the UK have been with at least one dose, with the having administered 50.85 jabs per 100 people.

By contrast, the EU’s rate is less than a third of that figure, at 16.2.

Correspondingly, the death rate per 100,000 people in the UK stood at 0.93 as of Sunday.

The EU27’s figure – 5.74 – was more than six times the UK’s figure.

Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief, Leigh Evans, said: “In recent weeks we have repeatedly been told that the UK should not ‘crow’ about its success in vaccinating compared to the EU.

“There is, however, an important point to be made here. Since 2015 we at Facts4EU.Org have witnessed and have had to endure the EU’s propaganda about all manner of subjects on a daily basis.

“Like many readers, we have also suffered years of abuse from Remainers, and then from the (thankfully) ever-diminishing number of Remoaner-Rejoiners.”

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“This issue (rightly or wrongly, some would argue) continues to dominate the world’s news agenda.

“And the EU’s performance continues to be – frankly – dismal.”

Referring to the delays in green lighting various vaccines, and the ongoing row over the AstraZeneca jab, Mr Evans suggested that if the UK accepted the EU’s request to use the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for vaccine approvals, the nation would “now be languishing in full lockdown hell”.

He continued: “It is important to point out that Remoaner-Rejoiners were clear that if Brexit Britain ‘went it alone’, it would be a disaster for the country.

“The exact opposite has been proved to be the case.

“Never has there been a clearer demonstration of the inadvisability of handing over a country’s sovereign power to a group of unelected bureaucrats located in the tiny country of Belgium.

“Some aspects of the benefits of Brexit can be debated.

“Not this one. The facts speak for themselves.

“We don’t crow – it’s in the UK’s interests for the EU to do much better.

“But Britons can hold their heads up high.

“And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

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