Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2021

Brexit news: Netherlands gloats after poaching UK firms – ‘Brexit companies moving to us!’ | Politics | News

According to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), 78 “Brexit companies” moved to the Netherlands last year. This was the same number as in 2019, bringing to overall total since the 2016 referendum to 218.

The agency said: “Not only are the amount of contacts continuing to grow, the number of Brexit companies that have opted for the Netherlands is also increasing.

“In effect, the uncertainty of recent years has not disappeared.”

A record 550 businesses are also in discussions with the agency about relocating to the Netherlands.

This is an increase of 425 last year.

Britain departed the EU’s Single Market in January this year after Boris Johnson signed a historic Brexit trade deal with the bloc in December.

But companies in trading and finance, medicine and agriculture, as well as logistics and distribution, are looking to secure their European operations in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is already poised to be Europe’s number one corporate listing venue this year.

Last month, data found Amsterdam was displacing London as Europe’s biggest share trading centre.

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Another spokesperson told earlier this month: “It has now become clear what can and cannot be done with regard to exporting to the EU, and buying from different suppliers.

“And the last three months of 2020 and first month of 2021 have been the busiest since the Brexit referendum in 2016.”

Before the deal was struck, the NFIA Commissioner Jeroen Nijland outlined why Amsterdam was seen as the ideal location for companies to relocate.

He said: “With an English-speaking population, the excellent connections to the UK and the EU by road, boat, train and plane and our strong digital infrastructure, choosing the Netherlands is an attractive alternative.”


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