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Jane Sandell told Sky News’ Ian King that Britain’s failure to secure a fishing agreement with Norway has resulted in the UK losing rights they had held for decades. Ms Sandell also slammed the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for not listening to the UK’s fishing industry.

Ian King asked: “Why did the UK fail to roll over the agreement it had with Norway as part of its EU membership?”

Ms Sandell replied: “Who knows? Frankly, it is a black day, a total disgrace that Defra has not even managed to maintain the right that the UK has had for decades never mind get any Brexit bonus.”

The Sky News presenter said: “Were they negotiating hard with the Norwegians?”

The Fisheries CEO responded: “I think Defra would have us believe they were but the result speaks for itself.

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“The Humberside regions deserve an explanation from Ministers on how this has turned into such a disaster.

“Frankly, if I had realised the Prime Minister’s phone number was online I would have given him a ring because Defra certainly has not been listening to us.”

On Friday, former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery was involved in a heated exchange with LBC’s James O’Brien over the UK Government’s failure to secure a good post-Brexit deal for Britain’s fishing industry.

During a fiery interview on LBC, June Mummery erupted at James O’Brien, demanding that the radio host let her finish her point. 

The former MEP replied: “Oh James, please just let me finish.”

Mr O’Brien said: “You are not making any sense June.”

Ms Mummery hit back: “I know because you will not let me get this across.

“What did you want to talk about? What part of this conversation can I get over?

“If we had taken back control of our resources and the fish we would be in a completely different position.”

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