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Video footage shared on social media showed water cannons and tear gas being fired to break up crowds of youths at Bois de la Cambre on the outskirts of Brussels as Covid cases surge on the continent. The European nation has put in place “Alarm Level Four” lockdown rules which prevent public gatherings of more than four people. Police armed with tear gas and batons were seen charging into crowds on horseback as the crowds booed and threw bottles at police.

More footage on social media showed crowds rallying against a small group of police officers in riot gear by throwing glass bottles and sticks at them and their vans. 

Around 50 people could be seen violently protesting against the crackdown in Brussels. 

Water cannons were also deployed to disperse the hundreds of people gathering in the park. 

Photos published on Twitter show bloodied officers arresting members of the crowds as police struggle to control the situation. 

The gathering was promoted on Facebook as a protest against the Government’s lockdown measures 

Brussels announced a curfew and mandatory mask-wearing towards the end of March as a response to the surge in Covid cases and variants in the country. 

Nightly curfews between 10pm and 6am have been put in place with “essential trips” as the only exception to the curfew. 


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