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Jake, a three-year-old Border Collie, was discovered under a pile of rocks by rescuers in November 2020. Hillwalkers found the dog in the Highlands after hearing his fearful cries from beneath the stones, which had been used to conceal him in a “deliberate” act of animal cruelty.

By the time Jake made it to the vets, he was in a coma due to the trauma of what happened.

He was heavily injured, including multiple skull fractures and the loss of sight in on eye.

After having surgery on his knee, he spent Christmas with SSPCA inspector Mark Greener.

Staff at the charity were horrified at the condition of the pooch, who needed six weeks of intensive treatment.

“Jake required specialist care and it took time for him to come round and really heal. It took him a while to trust me but now that he does, we’re bonded forever.

“We are always outside and Jake loves to play. I really couldn’t imagine life without him now. I’m so thankful to the passers-by who found Jake. Without them he may not have survived that day.

“But it’s also thanks to members of the public and Scottish SPCA supporters that Jake was able to be rescued and rehabilitated. We are only able to function due to funding from donations.

“These services which helped Jake to recover from his ordeal wouldn’t be here without the generosity of the public.

“I’m sure his experience still stays with him and always will but now he’s with me, we are doing all we can to make it a distant memory.”

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