Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2021

EU news: Denmark could hold in/out referendum by 2026 – major breakaway warning | Politics | News

Denmark could hold a breakaway vote by as early as 2026, an MEP has predicted, as his country watched Britain’s progress closely. MEP Peter Kofod told his party’s quest to free Denmark from the EU‘s shackles will be very dependant on the UK’s progress outside of the bloc.

He said: “One day Parliament is going to have to make a decision about having a referendum and then we will have to win the referendum.

“It will be in a few years. In my opinion, it might be in five years or eight years.

“Denmark is a very small country so we are 100 percent dependent on other countries’ success outside the European Union.

“So what we’re doing right now is we’re following Brexit very, very closely to see what is going on with Great Britain.

“And, on the other hand, we’re also following the development in the European Union.

“So if Denmark one day leaves the Union, which I believe will happen, we will have to see what we can learn from Brexit since we’re not a big country and we don’t have an economy of the scale of Great Britain’s.

“We will have to have strong friends otherwhere.”

Commenting on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement signed by Britain and the EU in December last year, he added: “The UK got a super deal, a really, really nice deal.

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He told MEPs: “We’ve seen very clearly that if the European Union isn’t working then we need more of the European Union.

“If the construction isn’t working we have to rebuild it.

“If the EU train is derailed we have to stock more coal.

“That seems to be the doctrine of the EU, which is to preach more and more EU in these empty speeches about solidarity.

“Here we’re talking about a package for hundreds of billions of euros, half of this money is meant to go to the south of Europe.

“It is an astronomic figure where countries, where things are meant to work, are paying for these countries in which things work less well.

“It’s a project that appears to be going in a single direction: the federal states of the European Union.

“Harmonisation of policies and people who are fleeing to south-east Europe.

“And yet, who is going to pay for the debt of the European Union? Do we have to have this crisis for corona to fulfil these dreams of a federal EU?”

He continued: “And if you are against these funds, we’re told that we don’t show solidarity, but those of you who play into this lie, I have to say, that it’s not a question of showing solidarity.

“Those countries who reformed their economies, such as Denmark, shouldn’t have to foot the bill for those countries who have been less diligent with their own funds.

“It’s not a question of showing solidarity that Danes should not have to pay for more presents going to Southern Europe and eastern Europe.

“It’s not a question of lack of solidarity if you stand against the damage that is being done by the EU.

“Denmark should not be paying whatever the cost and I’m going to stand against this until Denmark leaves the EU.”

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