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In a poll run by the Institute for Opinion and Marketing Studies in France (IFOP) and Le Millenaire, 51 percent of participants claimed to have a good opinion of the UK’s Prime Minister. The poll also found that five percent of those who registered a favourable opinion of Mr Johnson went further and raised this attitude to “a very good one”. Separately, under a question focused on coronavirus vaccine distribution, 74 percent thought Mr Johnson had done a better job than French President .

The positive feeling amongst French people for the British Prime Minister hands a huge blow to Mr Macron.

The favourable opinion of Mr Johnson comes after the UK’s vaccine strategy made it possible to reopen shops and bars in recent weeks.

In the poll, the positive feeling for Mr Johnson increased among the working classes with 63 percent popularity, and supporters of the National Rally, 60 percent popularity.

French supporters of Mr Johnson admired his move to “take back control” rather than suffering during the health crisis.

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The poll was conducted by public policy think-tank Millennium.

William Thay, president of the Millennium, said: “Boris Johnson has finally managed to seduce a majority of French people.

“He has done this by embodying an unusual political line.

“It is by breaking the codes that he succeeded in conquering social classes disenchanted by politics.”

Referring to the poll that was reported upon in French news site Le Point, Politics For All, tweeted: “The majority of French people like Boris Johnson.”

However, some Twitter users did not agree with the results of the poll.

One Twitter user said: “Speaking as someone who lives in France among actual French people, most think Johnson is a joke.

“They also think the UK has gone rogue.”

Referring to the poll that suggested the majority of French people liked Boris Johnson, one Twitter user said: “Just a shame the majority of Brits don’t.”

Another Twitter user fumed: “They can have him.”

The survey, conducted by IFPO and Le Millenaire, used a sample of 1,010 people.

The interviews were conducted using a self-administered online questionnaire from April 27 to 28, 2021.

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