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Sir Keir Starmer told to leave a pub in Bath by its landlord, while on a walkabout in the city. The landlord shouted, “that man is not allowed in my pub” and “get out of my pub” as Sir Keir, wearing a black face mask, walked out of the door, with the incident captured on camera by reporters. Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven pub, which is located in the centre of Bath, appeared to be held back by security guards during the incident with Sir Keir.

On why he kicked the Labour leader out of the pub, the 54-year-old told the PA news agency: “I had heard that the Labour Party were coming round and he turned up and I told him what I thought of him, basically.

“I think he has utterly failed us as the leader of the Opposition, he has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?

“Why have we just accepted lockdown?

“Why have we just accepted the loss of all our freedoms?”

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Sir Keir told the pub landlord to “calm down” while adding that he “doesn’t need a lecture”.

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