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Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to become integral members of the Royal Family as they become older. As the Queen heads towards a time where she may hand the throne to Prince Charles, Kate and William will be expected to conduct more royal duties going forward, royal commentator Camilla Tominey stated. Coupled with this increased royal role, Kate and William will also have to manage bringing up three children in the public eye.

As Ms Tominey stated, the pair will need to adjust to being “hands-on” parents while the public desires to see more of the couple.

Commenting on the pair’s roles in the next decade, The Daily Telegraph’s associate editor said: “I think the next decade for William and Kate is going to be pivotal, for a number of reasons, first of all, they’re both going into their 40s.

“I think the years between 40 or 50 for any person are really important when it comes to the job they do and the life they lead with their children.

“They’re going to have to manage this hugely public role, with significant milestones in their life and they’re trying to get the balance right between being hands-on parents but equally this desire from the public to see more of them and demand from the Monarchy to carry on ramping up their public service.

“Indeed when the transition comes, they are going to be the next Prince and Princess of Wales.

“They aren’t here just to unveil plaques and plant trees.

“I think it’s these big projects that will characterise the next ten years of William and Kate’s lives.”

Indeed, William like his father, has begun to have a greater role in royal duties.

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With Charles having waited so long to become King, the commentator claimed the Prince of Wales will not give up his chance to rise to the throne.

Ms Hoyer said: “He is ready to step up whether we like it, whether England likes it I don’t know.

“But I think they will probably share duties a bit, to be honest, William and Charles.

“They will be like double kings.”

While it unsure if William will share duties with his father or ascend to the throne himself, the public is becoming confident Kate will be a good Queen when the time comes.

According to a survey of 5,055 adults by YouGov showed 43 percent “definitely” believe Kate will make a good Queen.

A further 33 percent she would “probably” make a good Queen in praise of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Just two percent said she would “probably” not while three percent claimed she would “definitely” not make a good Queen.

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