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Kate got in touch over the phone with one of the finalists of her photography contest Hold Still, Jason Baird. During the first national lockdown, Mr Baird dressed up as Spider-Man alongside his friend and colleague Andrew Baldock and used their daily hour of exercise in the open air allowed by the Government at the time to run around Stockport to cheer up children who could not go to school and see their friends. 

As he confessed to the Duchess of Cambridge during their call, this initiative was particularly appreciated by children, who over time started to put up signs outside of their windows asking “Spider-Man” to stop by.  

Mr Baird and Mr Baldock, two martial arts instructors, were photographed running, jumping and posing in front of delighted children. 

Last year, Mr Baird submitted a picture of his colleague performing in front of children self-isolating inside their home. 

The photograph, titled “Stockport Spider-Men Bringing Smiles To Children In Lockdown”, was eventually chosen by a panel of judges and Kate as one of the 100 finalists of the photography contest.  

After hearing the positive impact these Spider-Men had on the community and the popularity they gained, Kate joked she may try to involve Prince William and bring the superhero on the grounds of Kensington Palace. 

She said: “Jason, obviously you have shown huge dedication to your community but also, as you say, sort of how infectious that’s been to other communities and how lots of people have really aspired to it too and it’s really resonated with lots of people out there.

“So, really really well done, and thank you very much for sharing your photograph.

“Maybe when I am in Stockport I might see you out and about in your…”  

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Mr Baird replied: “Oh definitely, yeah, just let me know and I’ll put the suit on.” 

The Duchess then said: “I’ll see if it takes on the trend to Kensington Palace.

“Might have to buy William a suit to go and see…” 

To which Mr Baird replied: “That would be amazing!”


Joking, Kate added: “Unfortunately, I am not sure if he is going to get the air clearance that you have got!” 


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