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Popular shops in the busy London street were evacuated shortly before 12.30pm, including the flagship Lego Store. The nearby Imax cinema was also evacuated, with one customer saying he was asked to leave halfway through a viewing. People at the scene said they were told the move was in response to a bomb threat, with a cordon in place for about an hour to prevent people from entering the area. 

One eyewitness said: “Spent an hour waiting in the rain to get into the @LEGO_Group Store in London. Got to the front of the queue – as in next people in – and the store and all of Leicester Square was evacuated due to a bomb threat. How do I explain the situation to a disappointed 6-year-old?”

Another added: “Been booted out halfway through an #IMAX showing of #AQuietPlace2 at Leicester Square.

“Was supposed to be seeing #Cruella in 20 minutes too and I can’t even book somewhere else as I’m unable to cancel that showing. What on earth is going on?”

Another person asked: “What the hell is going in in Leicester Square!”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Police were called at 12:24hrs on Friday, 4 June to a commercial premises at Leicester Square that had received a message containing a security alert.

“The incident has now been stood down. Cordons are in being taken down.”


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