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Much of Britain is set to bask in glorious sunshine this week with temperatures soaring into the high-teens. However, the barmy conditions are poised to be short-lived as a band of cold air is forecast to engulf the country in just over a weeks’ time.

Temperature maps show a huge area of freezing air descending towards the UK from Monday, April, 26.

The cold-weather system is on course to send temperatures spiralling to lows of -1C in some areas of the country.

The latest WXcharts show a large band of cold air descending from the Arctic over Scotland during the early hours on April 26.

Strong winds will continue to push the high-pressure system in a south-easterly direction, with temperature maps turning the whole of the UK ice-blue by Friday, April 30.

Mercury will begin to plummet during the early hours on Monday April 26, with lows of -1C in Wales, 0C in Scotland and just 2C in London.

Into the afternoon, much of the UK is set to remain dry and bright with temperatures reaching the low-teens.

But, temperatures are poised to fall further on Tuesday night, with lows of -2C in Scotland, -1C in South Wales and just 1C in the south of England.

The cold-weather system will then begin to take effect on daytime temperatures, with the mercury struggling to make double figures by midday.

Highs of just 11C are forecast in the Midlands, with just 7C further North.

Spells of heavy rain are in the offing for central and western parts of the UK on Wednesday, April 26, before clearing eastwards.

The weather pattern is set to continue to the remainder of the week with bitterly cold temperatures overnight and the morning.

The BBC long-range weather outlook from April 26, says the latest models are showing a high-pressure system over the UK.

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“If the high is mainly to our west, we will get colder Atlantic air from near Iceland, so temperatures will tend to be below average.

“This is the outlook we prefer, which has some support for computer models too.

“If the high is too close to Iceland to our northwest, we will get Arctic air and temperatures will be well below average.”

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