Meghan Markle and Harry fans predict couple will name second baby Lily to honour Queen | Royal | News

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Her Majesty’s close family called Elizabeth ‘Lilibet’ after the very young princess was unable to pronounce her own name. The Queen’s parents and grandparents adopted the adorable nickname.

Her Majesty’s late father, George VI, was once quoted as saying: “Lilibet is my pride. Margaret is my joy.”

As a young royal, the then Princess Elizabeth would often sign letters using her nickname.

However, apart from Prince Philip and the Queen’s parents, no other Royal Family members reportedly called Her Majesty ‘Lilibet’ meaning the sweet nickname may now no longer be used.

The heavily pregnant Duchess of Sussex is expected to give birth to her second child with Harry in the summer.

According to Cosmopolitan, fans of the couple have taken to Twitter and Reddit with baby name predictions – with some anticipating Lily as a strong choice.

One social media user wrote: “I’m not sure how relationships are between the family, but Lily would be a cute way to honour the Queen (Lilibet).”

Another person said: “I read a prediction somewhere that they could use Lily for the Queen because of her childhood nickname Lilibet.

“And because of Meghan’s wedding bouquet being Lily of the valley. I think that’s really sweet.”

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“She would have put all the family tension aside to be there with Harry.

“Harry wants to make sure Meghan and the baby are healthy and not involved in stressful situations.”

The Sussexes relocated to the US in March last year with their baby son Archie.

Prince Harry’s return to Britain last week was the first time he has been seen in public with Royal Family members in over a year.

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