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Commentator Daniela Elsa accused Meghan of leaking details about a handwritten note attached to a wreath to honour Prince Philip ahead of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on Saturday. Meghan was unable to attend the funeral as she is heavily pregnant

While some people lashed out at the Duchess of Sussex for leaking information about her wreath to the press, others took to social media to praise Meghan for her kind gesture.

One person tweeted: “Meghan Markle accused of ‘bewildering PR stunt’ over wreath at Philip’s funeral.

“To whoever this person is.

“This ignorant, hateful person who does not like Duchess of Sussex, just proves it doesn’t matter what she does, gets attacked, YES attacked.”

Someone else said: “If … it had transpired… that Meghan had NOT sent a wreath.

“Run that scenario, what would you say then?”

Another added: “Meghan is gracious, handwriting her condolences with a lovely thought-out very personal wreath.

“The Royal Family members who are not as gracious look and learn.

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“Not just random flowers thrown together.”

Someone else compared the media coverage of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who stepped back to allow Harry and William to speak, with Meghan – who was unable to attend the funeral due to being heavily pregnant.

They wrote: “All she did was step back and let them talk… like any normal person would!

“Meanwhile, Meghan is getting knocked for sending a wreath and ‘steering the conversation about her’.

“Woman shrugging. I like both women (from what I’ve seen) but they aren’t treated with equal respect and never have been.”

Someone else accused the palace of purposely releasing information about Meghan’s wreath as it “sells”.

They said: “The palace released the info about Harry and Meghan’s wreath.

“As they did with Daisy, but Harry and Meghan is what sells and they knew the commotion it would cause.”

Meghan’s fans rallied behind her after Ms Elsa wrote in the Australian news outlet,, how the Duchess of Sussex has ended up in headlines.

She said: “What is bewildering here is why and how, on a day which should have been resolutely, solely focused on celebrating the Duke, that still something Sussex-related has managed to end up in the headlines.

“While Buckingham Palace has released a cavalcade of specifics about yesterday’s proceedings, everything from precise timings to where exactly Philip’s valets would be standing, no particulars about the other eight wreaths that were placed in the chapel have been released.

“The appearance here is that even at this moment of mourning someone Sussex-adjacent has seen the wreath and Meghan’s note as an opportunity to drum up some good PR, hardly edifying stuff.”

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