Met Office warning: Lightning storm to smash UK with hail and heavy rain in HOURS – maps | Weather | News

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The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning on Tuesday as some areas of the UK will be hit with adverse weather patterns. The Met Office warning read: “An area of thunderstorms will move northwards into southwestern parts of the UK on Wednesday morning.” The Met Office says predominantly parts of south west England and Wales will be affected, while the rest of the country expects to see the warm weather continue. 

The Met Office warning continues: “Lightning is likely to be the main hazard from this though some heavy rain and hail is possible, with perhaps 15 to 20mm of rain in a short period for some spots. 

“The nature of thunderstorms is that many areas will see little or no rain and miss the lightning but where they do occur, the increased numbers of people makes disruption more likely.”

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