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Prince Andrew‘s “swaying” at his father’s funeral has been discussed by a body language expert. Dr Louise Maher joined Australia’s Morning Show to dissect Royal Family members appearances at Prince Philip’s ceremony. She pointed to the Duke of York specifically for “showing the signs of a lifetime of indulgence”.

Dr Maher told viewers: “Most notable with Andrew was, as they were walking along, he was swaying from side to side.

“His body doesn’t go straight ahead, it goes side to side.

“I think that his body is showing the signs of a lifetime of indulgence.

“His stomach is swollen underneath his ribs.”

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She continued: “It lifts his chest up so we had a lot of the white of his shirt showing.

“His arms are out at the side and he’s swaying from side to side.

“Nobody else spoke to him, he just stood behind his daughter.

“I thought he was a sad character.”

In the end, the Palace announced that no military uniforms would be worn at the ceremony.

After the death of his father was announced on April 9, the Duke spoke to reporters about the loss.

He shared that the Queen was “feeling it, I think, probably more than everybody else”, calling her “incredibly stoic”.

The Duke told Sky News: “She described it as having left a huge void in her life.

“But we – the family, the ones that are closer – are rallying round to make sure that we’re there to support her, and I know there is a huge amount of support not just for her but for everybody as we go through this enormous change.”

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