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Royal expert Dickie Arbiter explained he saw “animated” conversations between Prince Harry and William at Prince Philip’s funeral and noted Prince Charles’s decision to send away the cars at the event. Mr Arbiter praised the move which he saw as a way to get the brothers together and talking as Kate Middleton was also seen taking a step back so the siblings could interact. Mr Arbiter added the conversation between Harry and William would have been an icebreaker as the relationship between the two have soured in recent weeks.  

Discussing the funeral which was held over the weekend, Mr Arbiter analysed the interaction between Harry and William. 

He told Good Morning Britain: “[The cameras] were not on them very long but we did see a certain amount of animated conversation. 

“And I would be very surprised if they didn’t spend time [during and after] talking. 

“Unfortunately funerals bring families together but [something happened] which was probably Prince Charles’s initiative.

“The cars were sent back so everybody had to walk 200 metres back to the castle – it was a good icebreaker.”

During the funeral ceremony, Prince Harry and William walked behind Prince Philip’s coffin and were separated by Peter Philips who stood between them. 

The brothers appeared to not take notice of each other except when they were seen talking while they walked to the entrance of Windsor Castle. 

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, noticeably stood back to allow Harry to enter the group and so he could speak with his brother. 

The pair have not seen each other physically for a year after Harry left the Royal Family to live in America at the beginning of 2020. 


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