Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2021

Prince George sparked immediate intervention after breaking royal protocol | Royal | News

The Crown Chronicles Editor Victoria Howard said: “[Trooping the Colour] is one of the few times each year that the whole Royal Family can get together.

“There are more than 40 people at times on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

“The Queen and her children, her grandchildren, and even her great-grandchildren.

“They play the national anthem to appreciate the monarch essentially.”

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She continued: “Of course the crowds will sing along, but the royals don’t.

“They stand to attention and respect the anthem.”

At the time Prince George was next to his cousin Savannah at the front of the balcony.

Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers told viewers: “The royals were being very stoic when suddenly Savannah starts conducting the band.”

Mr Myers added: “She knew actually that the royals don’t sing along.”

Royal correspondent Simon Vigar said: “Those images go around the world. It’s what the royal photographers are looking for.

“It’s something different and it’s something relatable.”

The experts noted that the funny incident was actually history repeating itself.

Thirty years before Savannah was caught shutting down Prince George, Prince Harry was seen on the balcony doing exactly the same thing to his cousin, Princess Beatrice.

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