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The Duke of Sussex has landed two jobs as he starts a new life in America with his wife away from the Royal Family. Celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit said Harry was trying to “keep up” with the Duchess of Sussex with the roles.

Mr Shalit told the Telegraph: “I’ve met Meghan on a number of occasions and she is a hugely astute woman, very bright, incredibly impressive.

“So for Harry to keep up with his wife, he’s got to find his own name and identity and this is the start.

“He doesn’t need celebrity.

“When you’re royal, you’re the biggest celebrity in the world.

“But what this does is allow Harry to have relevance.”

Harry has been appointed chief impact officer at US professional coaching and mental health firm BetterUp.

The company, which was founded in 2013, provides mobile-based professional coaching, counselling and mentorship.

In a statement, the Queen’s grandson said he was “really excited” to be joining BetterUp and his goal was to “lift up critical dialogues around mental health, build supportive and compassionate communities, and foster an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations”.

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“This is what BetterUp is making possible and I look forward to being on this journey with you.”

Harry has also joined the Aspen Institute’s new Commission on Information Disorder.

He said in a statement: “As I’ve said, the experience of today’s digital world has us inundated with an avalanche of misinformation, affecting our ability as individuals as well as societies to think clearly and truly understand the world we live in.

“It’s my belief that this is a humanitarian issue – and as such, it demands a multi-stakeholder response from advocacy voices, members of the media, academic researchers, and both government and civil society leaders.

“I’m eager to join this new Aspen commission and look forward to working on a solution-oriented approach to the information disorder crisis.”

He will join 14 other commissioners and three co-chairs in conducting a six-month study on the state of the media in the US.

Meghan and Harry, who have signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, are living in California after quitting royal duties in March 2020.

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