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Prince Harry even called him “master of the barbecue” – and now his former royal chef has shared a favoured dessert recipe. The Duke of Edinburgh died on April 9 aged 99. The royal was laid to rest at St George’s Chapel on Saturday. Paying tribute, former Palace chef Darren McGrady has detailed one of the Duke’s favourite puddings.

Posting on his YouTube channel, Mr McGrady said Philip loved Crepe Islandaise, or ‘Icelandic pancakes’, for dessert.

In the video, he said: “He was so excited that he’d got this recipe for the royal chefs to prepare.

“He used to request it for a lot of his dinner parties.

“It’s basically just jam and cream mixed together in a pancake, but it’s simple, it’s plain, he really enjoyed it.”

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Mr McGrady also shared how Philip discovered the dish on his travels to Iceland.

He told viewers: “He attended a banquet in Iceland and he loved this dish so much he asked for the recipe and then when he got it he sent it down to the kitchen.”

The former chef also shared how the jam used in the recipe was grown at Balmoral, and said: “He (Philip) had these plums that he grew at Balmoral that were amazing.

“Often you’d see him stood there picking these gorgeous Victoria plums.

“The Victoria plums in the Balmoral gardens make the best plums – I know it was one of the Duke’s favourites.”

On the day of Philip’s death, Mr McGrady posted a heartwarming story about the Duke of Edinburgh.

He said on Twitter: “From the first time I met him and mistook him for the gardener to the last time I cooked for him and he stole my lamb chops I loved cooking for #PrincePhilip.

“RIP Your Royal Highness and may God have a BBQ grill for you to cook on in heaven.”

He then also told Marie Claire: “He came into the kitchen and I thought he was the gardener.

“He was this old man in tatty old clothes, he had a jumper on with the arms hanging out at the elbows – all tattered and worn…

“It was only after I looked closely that I saw it was Prince Philip.”


Serving from 1982 to 1997, Mr McGrady was personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry for fifteen years.

The royal chef also told Marie Claire the royals would “really let their hair down” at Balmoral.

He said: “At Buckingham Palace, the Queen was too busy and the kitchens too far from her apartment – so we never saw her.

“At Balmoral, we’d see her all the time. They were much more relaxed and had more free time. Philip would cookout on the grill.”

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