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The Royal Family came together on Saturday to mourn the passing of Prince Philip and celebrate the life of the Duke of Edinburgh. The ceremony was held at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Prince Harry was present at the ceremony where only 30 people were able to attend due to coronavirus restrictions. Meghan Markle was advised not to travel due to being pregnant with her second child.

Following the service, Harry and William were seen chatting to each other for the first time since the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

In February this year, royal biographer Robert Jobson urged the two brothers to unite amid Harry’s growing tensions with the rest of his family.

Mr Jobson, who authored Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, said Harry had acted out of character.

He said: “I think they ought to [fix things]. And I think that, you know, their mother, if (she) was alive, I trust (she would) bang their heads together and say, ‘Do a television makeup. Do a television interview and just stop the stories’.”

Mr Jobson urged the brothers to mend their relations because Prince Charles would surely be “upset”.

He continued: “We all fall out with our siblings [now and] again, but to continue into a feud is a little, unlike Harry, actually.

“The character that I knew, he was quite relaxed, actually. And I think he wouldn’t have wanted to continue this. So, I don’t understand what the problem is.”

The author and journalist noted that there “must be something really deep down that’s offended him” to continue to keep his distance from his brother.

He added: “I personally think that [Harry] should do it whether or not they are able to [fully forgive].

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After Harry and William were seen chatting yesterday, lip readers have now suggested what may have been said by the two brothers as they walked away from the ceremonial funeral.

When the Duke of Cambridge, 38, took off his face mask, he said: “Yes it was great, wasn’t it” according to the lip reader who spoke to

The Duke of Sussex, 36, seemed to reply: “It was as he wanted.”

When they left St George’s Chapel, William and Harry briefly spoke to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

William told his brother after the chat: “Absolutely beautiful service, ah, the music.”

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