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In a video-message the Duke of Cambridge called for immediate action in a speech reminiscent of the Prince of Wales who is also a serious campaigner on the world stage. The message was broadcast on April 8 during the “Three Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for People and Planet” event, as the UK prepares for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) which will be held in Glasgow this autumn.

Prince William said: “Protecting and restoring nature is critical to the success of COP26 in Glasgow later this year, and for the brighter, greener, more prosperous future that we all want to see.

“We cannot recover sustainably from Coronavirus, eradicate global poverty, achieve net zero emissions, or adapt to climate change, without investing in nature.

“The evidence is clear. Nature continues to decline at an alarming rate.

“And in the short term, it is the world’s most vulnerable communities who are most affected.”

The Duke of Cambridge also made mention of the “Earthshot Prize” that launched last October which aims to provide grants of £1 million each year for the next decade to solve the world’s largest problems.

The 38-year-old prince added: “A billion people depend on declining fish stocks as their main source of protein.

“And the livelihoods of another billion people depend on the forests that we are cutting down.

“Helping those people should be reason enough to act. But the fact is, we all depend on the natural resources that we are depleting.”

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At the announcement of the scheme, Prince Charles said the initiative would “determine whether or not our children and grandchildren look back on a series of broken promises or, instead, reflect on a tipping point at which the world shifted to a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous trajectory.”

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