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Royal biographer and expert Angela Levin discussed Prince Harry‘s “frosty” reception at Prince Philip‘s funeral with both Princess Anne and Sophie reportedly ignoring the royal during his visit. While it is believed that Prince Andrew was the only royal to offer an olive branch to Harry, the Duke of Sussex spoke with his brother after the event hinting there may be a chance of reconciliation. But Ms Levin warned some relationships would never heal as the Royal Family is still reeling from the allegations made by the prince during his Oprah Winfrey interview.  

Speaking on talkRADIO about the funeral last weekend, Ms Levin discussed with host Mike Graham about the possibility of Harry staying for the Queen’s birthday on April 21.

Russell Myers, Royal Editor of the Daily Mirror, was told by insiders that Prince Harry may be leaving the UK on Tuesday or earlier. 

Mr Graham pointed out that Harry should stay since the birthday is only the day after. 

Ms Levin responded: “He absolutely should but there have been so many things that he absolutely should have done but hasn’t.

“You don’t know what his decision making will be but I hope there can be some form of [reconciliation] between him and the family. 

“Some of them wouldn’t speak to him like Princess Anne and Sophie – they wouldn’t even acknowledge him. 

“And I don’t blame them at all but if something can come out of it at least it can be civil.

“I don’t think it will be the same again because even if Prince William could forgive him, which will be very hard.”

“He was very rude about Catherine, it is hard to know if you can trust him if you think that he might tell Meghan – as one may tell their wife –  who may make a PR effort out of it.”

Sources revealed before the funeral that Prince Harry was “desperate” to return to Meghan after the funeral was finished. 

The Duke of Sussex purchased an open return ticket with some hypothesising he was open to staying in the UK for longer. 

The next time the prince is due to return to the UK is in June when he will join his brother for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue at Kensington Palace on July 1. 

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