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Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice will have to bow to Kate when the Duchess of Cambridge becomes Queen Consort, according to a royal commentator. The York sisters, along with the rest of the Royal Family, will have to carry out the action as a “sign of respect” to the new monarchs. The Talko’s Natalie Rankin explained what would change for Kate when Prince William becomes king.

She told viewers: “After she’s crowned, her royal duties will increase even more.

“She will also inherit Buckingham Palace.

“When this happens, other royal members will be required to curtsy to her as a sign of respect.

“To top it all off, she will never have to curtsy again.”

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Ms Rankin continued: “Royal tradition says that members of the Royal Family should curtsy or bow their heads to those that are higher in rank.

“When you’re at the top, there’s no one higher than you.

“While William hosts the royal engagements, she’ll be expected to be by his side as partners of the monarch.”

The narrator compared the Duchess’ future to the current consort, Prince Philip.

She told viewers: “As Kate moves through the ranks, we’re sure she’ll pick up more patronages.

“That way, she’ll be ready to take on hundreds when it’s time.”

Before she becomes Queen Consort, the Duchess will first become Princess of Wales.

This will happen when Prince Charles ascends the throne and appoints Prince William as Prince of Wales.

The last Princess of Wales was William’s late mother, Diana.

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